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Emulating psx game onto your TV?

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Now i'm no expert when it comes to how emulators work from the inside so this question might seem a tad nooby.:rolleyes:

Anyone who'se used epsxe or another psx emulator knows how much better it looks than playing it on the original console. However I'd much prefer to play on my 50" plasma so I usually stick to my good 'ol PsOne instead.

My question is, is there any way of emulating the games to a tv?
My laptop does have an HDMI out.
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if i try using pc on tv it ussually looks very blurry and windows has tiny fonts so it's hard to find all my emulator folders and then set up all the plugins again for the tv to display it properly in the right resolutions, i only have ever used analog tv's as a display for my pc once and i liked emulators on it like the snes it was so much more realistic and like a real console.

just plug in the video out of your videocard to the tv via the tv out and use s video if possible on s video tv input 1 and it should work, i havent had HDMI but you should ask a video shop for them
there are also dvi-hdmi cables.
but really it is tooo easy to connect pc to tv for asking about it :p
great choice dvi-dvi :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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