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I'm trying to emulate the N64 Super Smash Bros just as the original one looked like, i remember it had some antialiasing and blur effects on screen but on all the emulators i tried it seems like there is no blur effect. Can anyone help me? I'm using mostly the Project64 because of the configuration options, but i don't know if there is another emulator that has the settings i'm looking for. Any recommendations?

This is a frame of what i see on the emulator, am i right thinking that there was some blur on screen?

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By the title I understand something completely different from what you want to know. Even so, I'll answer the title first:
There is no N64 emulator that simulates variable frame rate, frame drops, or the feel of a real console. Not even those that claim to be "cycle-accurate emulators".

Answering your question, the image clearly shows HLE. What you want is LLE.
You can use Project64 in LLE with angrylion-plus as video plugin or m64p in LLE mode.
For alternatives, check out this.
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