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Hey guys I have finished the initial work for the blog system. EmuFanatics Blogs are based on my EFx2Blogs system and has all the same features.

The goal of EmuFanatics Blogs is to have a blog community geared towards gaming and emulation. Of course these blogs can be used for anything, but our main focus will be on gaming and emulation. All registered users automaticly have a blog when they register so there is nothing extra anyone has to do and is usable as soon as you are registered.

Currently the features are the same as EFx2Blogs and I will be adding some new features geared towards gaming and emulation such as console collections area, gaming/emulation reviews, and some other nice features.

You can always see the latest blog posts here. If you are not a member of EmuFanatics and want to take advantage of these free blogs then come on over and register and when you are a member you can spend your free time playing some fun flash games in our arcade located here.
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