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An updated version of EmuControlCenter has been released.
1.0.R1 includes the eccLive updates 00401 to 00414 and several bugfixes, new platforms, new features.

Get it here
emuControlCenter download | the emuControlCenter blog

Version 1.0.R1 (2009.11.20)

- Added platforms:
- Atari Jaguar CD
- Cosmac VIP
- Mikrosha Radio-86RK
- MSX Turbo R (Panasonic FS-A1GT/ST)
- Panasonic JR-200
- Spectravideo SV318/328
- Taito GNET
- Texas Instruments TI-82
- Texas Instruments TI-83
- Texas Instruments TI-85
- Texas Instruments TI-86
- Texas Instruments TI-92
- IGS PolygameMaster (resources by robertobernardo & te_lanus)

- Small changes:
- Placed Philips G7400+ in 'console' category.
- Added Extensions for:
- Exidy Sorcerer (.snp)
- Texas Instruments TI-99/4A (.TIcart, .TIDisk, .TITape)
- Removed .CSO extensions for ECCid: 3doe, Amigacd32, cdi, cdtv
- Fixed ROM import for: Commodore CDTV (eccid: cdtv)
- Renamed plaform 'Tomy Pyuta/Tutor' to 'Tomy Tutor/Pyuta'
- NOTE: You have to re-import your roms again!, because the eccid has,
been changed from 'pyuta' to 'tutor'.
- Updated platform images:
- Tomy Tutor teaser image (words turned).
- Nintendo DS teaser image (added nintendo logo in it).
- Fixed ecc-user pathnames for ECCid: l100, atomisw
- Fixed RU (russian) translation selection string for all languages (was missing)
- Script updates:
- Updated: 'psxfin' script, adding code to mount a cd (if needed) (by Bigby)
- Added: 'ePSXe' script, to mount a cd (by Bigby)
- Improved the Virtual Pinball startup, the script isn't needed anymore. (by thetrout)
- Fixed ECC version string to 'v1.0 WIP 06 (2009.08.08)'
- Updated 'Atari Jaguar' teaser with correct console image.
- Fixed name 'Texas Instuments TI-99/4A' to 'Texas Instruments TI-99/4A'

- ECC Startup
- Fixed a bug where unpacked zip files where not deleted due to update 00411 wich
has a newer beta compile of autoit the function 'Opt("OnExitFunc")'
doens't work anymore, so i have found another solution, that does work!
- Fixed a bug where unpacked files should be deleted if the user-folder is not
the default "ecc-user" location.
- Added a function that configures Xpadder for Windows 7, so that no error occurs
when Xpadder is started, by writing a XPSP3 compatability mode into the windows
- Added a function to delete the 'ecc-user\#_AUTO_UNPACKED' folder on ECC exit.
- This feature is only active in ECC v1.1 WIP or above!

- DATfile updates:
- PGM : *NEW*
- MAME : from v0.134 to v0.135
- MODEL2 : from MAME v0.135
- PGM : from MAME v0.135
- S16 : from MAME v0.135
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