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EmuControlCenter gets updated, with a few more platforms added, along with the usual batch of fixes and changes to expect.

Get it here:
emuControlCenter download | the emuControlCenter blog

Version 0.9.9.R2 (2009.06.28)

- Added platforms:
- Acorn Atom (resources by: te_lanus)
- Bondwell Model 2 (resources by: te_lanus)
- Casio Loopy (resources by: te_lanus)
- DEC PDP-1 (resources by: te_lanus)
- DEC PDP-7 (resources by: te_lanus)
- Sega Pico (resources by: te_lanus)
- Signetics Pipbug (resources by: te_lanus)

- Small updates:
- Fixed the banner (top left) website bug (hyperlink is removed)
- Fixed some EN language strings/typos
- Changed Homelab4 emulator and settings INI's (by Gruby)
- Placed "Magnavox Odyssey 2" in the console catagory.
- Renamed "Tomy Pyuta" to "Tomy Pyuta/Tutor" (incl. new teaser)
- Improved 'option' images, by adding transparancy & removing ugly pixels
- Improved the small ECC teaser image by removing the border at the bottom.
- Moved the small ECC teaser image to the 'internal' image folder.
- Fixed broken links of the 'ecc_icon_small.ico' file in certain files.
- Added spanish translation instructions for the thirpartytools.

- Script updates:
- Added Microkey Primo script (by Gruby)
- Added script for the 'pdp7' emulator (by te_lanus)
- Updated the "Ultimo" script for "Microkey Primo", v1.0.1.0 to, changes:
- New Function - EmulatorControl($EmulatorWindowTitle, $CommandLine) (Thanks to Phoenix)
- Some Primo C (Colour Primo) files is working now.
- Needed Reset handle
- Some fixes...

- ECC Startup
- Added a PNG border to the splashscreen, for some shade (so it doens't look flat)
- When reloading ECC the (reloading)splashscreen now also fades.
- Fixed a bug where the 'reloading' string wasn't shown properly when ecc was reloading.

- ECC Live!
- Fixed issues where filenames to add/replace strings could not be found.
v3.2.0.2 -fix2
- Fixed the word 'Avaialable' to 'Available'

- 3rd party updates
- Updated, Notepad++ v5.4

- DAT file updates:
- CPS-1: v2009.03.10 to v2009.04.26
- CPS-2: v2009.01.06 to v2009.06.08
- SVM: v0.99.0.8 to v0.99.1.3
- MAME: v0.130 to v0.132
- NEOGEO: v2009.03.10 to v2009.04.26
- PRIMO: *NEW* v0.99.1.1 (by Gruby)
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