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Everyone would be posting their top 10 favorites...but the main emphasis should have been top 10 groundbreaking emulators of 2001....some of the entries make sense..we added a few as well

ZSNES for cracking a few more games that used special chips (Star Ocean, Pilot Wings, Street Fighter Alpha, etc)

GENS / AGES / XEGA - Sega CD / 32X emulation

Final Burn - Starting the CPS2 venture

MAME - adding more games to it's MAMEness

EPSXE - with the help of others brought about save state and netplay support

PSinex - Parasite Eve 2 anyone?

KAWAKS - broke in more Neo Geo titles

Modelor / System 11 - more Sega / Namco arcade games emulated

VGBA - starting the GBA emulation effect

NeoPockett - Starting the Neo Geo Pocket emulaion

Cygne - Wonderswan

Magic Engine / HUDX - Turbo CD games

Bleem - and it's death

The rise of new emulators for N64: PJ64, TR64, Deadulus, SuperHLE, etc

The rise of new emu's for PSX: FPSE, ADRIPSX, PSinex, PCSX

LINUX / BEos ports! PCSX & FPSE

any if we mention simply emulation...we got this in 2001

Dreamcast emulation of consoles and Bleemcast
Translations of titles such as Tales of Phantasia and DW5 / 6
PSX / N64 plugin developmet to the extreme thanks to Andy's SPU team with Eternal SPU, Pete's ventures with his SPU / CDR plugins and his continuing work on GPU's..Lewpy for aiding other GPU's as well as continuing his support for GLIDE / Voodoo fans, NikK for his new GPU alternatives, Kazzuya for his continued support of his plugin, JNS and team for PEC and Cyberpad, the P.E.ops team, Darkmans Tools for tools / FPSE Controller plugin and his demo recording plugins. ALDO and Daemon's tools..Alzimer,Jabo, Zilmar, the Company..and other N64 plugin and INI authors.. DEJAP for aiding in the emulation of Star Ocean, FEDA, and SFA2 with there GFX Packs, ...and the other authors and works we may have forgotten....
Also the beginning of Open Source projects.. PE.ops, ADRIpsx, PCSX, ZSNES, and more...
Razoola's decryptions...and the fall of many emulation sites

It's been a good year.....
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