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Some people wanted some info ... so here you go :D

Emu Fanatics
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Well your web site certainly does have a lot of potential. The crew you have certainly are very talented and knowledgeable. By the way when do we get to see the main action anyway.
Lookin' good. Ps Anyone steals my name b4 I get registered on the board and there will be hell to pay!:D

(Only Kidding)
Thanks for the kind words .. I am looking to open it sometime in the following weeks. I am getting closer to being finished with the development of most of the features and decided to release some info. I am very excited about opening this project! Maybe I will put a percentage bar on the introduction page so you can see how far along the development is. Well stay tuned for some fun time :D
WOW Wormie your page looks amazing. you have so many good ideas! I can't wait to see it :p he he he.
NICE....VERY NICE... :yawn:
I think that you have some inovating ideas that i have never seen in any site... and i like all of them !!!
can't wait! :yawn:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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