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Last year, before joining Ps2sP, I started working on PS2 pad plugin and it didnt work out very well. Later on, I re-wrote it again and got it to work on PCSX2. Through the past few weeks, I worked more on it and got a semi-functional windows interface & few keys running up. Unfortunatly, my new sources got deleted and I am left now with what I started with a few months ago ( Don't ask why/what happenned >_> ).

What I have now was the VERY basic structure I used for my plugin, it still compile and loads on PCSX2, responds to the escape command and thats it. Why am I posting this crude work then? I figured that maybe, just maybe, it might be a good starting point for someone who wants to start coding a PCSX2 pad plugin, or just to see how a simple pad plugin works...etc. I am not motivated enough anymore and I am willing to move on to another project when time permits.

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