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Elden Ring, Lag after 2 Minutes and then controls not working anymore

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using old version of x360ce with Xinput files, controls working well but after 2 min there is a lag and only my left stick is working all other buttons are silenced... dunno why. I downloaded the newest version but my triggers are not indicated ( I am pressing them emulator also show them moving but it never hit the "press" status, can I change this? )

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So on new version, I hit the trigger but its not "greened" like when I press Y Button the word also flashes green
Hi, thx tried it and it works goot but triggers work like 2 tap buttons now.. If I press left trigger it like on and need to press it again to cancel the first press.. if this would be different woj would be perfect for me. I used all 3 types but all not work good for me. Only the old version of X360ce is working but this produces my written bug. newest version of x360ce dont notice the trigger buttons even if they are pressed 100% 255 force, the "trigger" dont get green
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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