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Eidos closes Ion Storm

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Eidos Interactive has announced that it is shutting down Ion Storm Austin, developer of seminal PC first-person shooter/role-playing game hybrid Deus Ex, at the cost of some 35 jobs.
Although the publisher also announced that it would be recruiting some 50 or so new personnel in San Francisco to scale Crystal Dynamics from a two- to a three-team studio, increasing the headcount to more than 180, the tone of PC fan sites is nonetheless mournful in light of Ion Storm Austin's dissolution.
There goes another great studio, i hope they will not discontinue the Deus Ex series.
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Deus Ex is greate series, I don't think that they'll let it go, because it still has got potential
I'm sorry, but Ion Storm Austin ended up suffering the same fate as Ion Storm Dallas. They tried to make a game with too much in it and too much hype (Deus Ex 2) and it ended up falling far far far short of everyone's expectations. Warren Spector already left a while back IIRC, and he was the brains behind SS2 and Deus Ex
At least they waited until Deus Ex was released. In all honesty Ion Storm should have been liquidated the second Daikatana was released.

Warren Spector is a genius. He'll be able to do whatever he wants now. Hopefully he won't get swallowed by EA...
No, then Anachronox would never have been made and that is a fantastic game.
I loved Deus Ex, version 2 was not as great though. Ion Storm was a good team... but nothing lasts forever. *sighs*
Ion Storm screwed up when they designed Deus Ex 2 and Thief 3 with a console bios. They should've released the games in full PC glory, and then toned down/cut out enough for it to work on the consoles.

It's a shame.....Ion Storm is dead.....

r2rX :(
SnakeBite said:
For Deus Ex fans: Deus Ex 2027 ;)
Dude, sweet! :D Hope it doesn't get canned like the similar-titled Chrono Trigger remake. :cuss2:
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