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So... after reading up a bit more online I decided to try out Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 using VuREC. (It's supposed to be faster than interpreter and recompiler, right?) Although combat sequences weren't sped up all that much, the slower-than-molasses battle map now moves at 4 frames per second, which is actually a noticeable improvement and makes playing the game almost tolerable. Here's the thing, though... suddenly all the three-dimensional stuff has vanished. Menus, sprites, and visual effects like explosions, flashes and lightning bolts all are visible, but they're just sitting on a black void.

I'm using GSdx SSE with the bogus pixelshading 1.1 (my card won't go any higher.) To my knowledge no settings have been changed since the last time I tried running the game (see earlier topic) Can anybody tell me what this is? Is it something specific to VuREC that I can do something about, or a hardware problem, or a basic not-compatible-yet issue, or...

I wonder if being able to see the 3D graphics would slow it back down again.
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