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I've been using this program to create ISO's of my games. Well, I only actually succesfully made one ISO.

I made an ISO of the first disk of my Shadow Hearts: Covenant game, and it worked relatively fast. It said it was out of 1,841,000 or something like that. The next day I tried another game, FFXII, and it said some outrageous number like 4,294,652,345. I knew it must have been wrong or something since the amount of data on the two disks are extremely similar, 3.5-4.0 gbs on both. Now, when I try to do any PS2 games, I get the same number, even if it has WAY less data.

I tried the second SH:C disk and Xenosaga one, and they say the same. I also tried the first SH disk again and it said that huge, huge number.

Can anybody help me out here?
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