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I have purchased a new controller so, ignore this topic! (That is if the new one works..then I'll be back! XD )

I have looked, searched and attacked google but nothing has the answer to my query. I installed an older version of it and still nothing.

What happens is, when I go to config the keys for the controller, it will not register my keyboard, I can't even change a single key no matter what key I hit or whichever one I select. I have double clicked them, clicked, hit clear and clicked, face rolled my keyboard even put in an old d-pad that hates life but nothing it wont let me change them.

I had epsxe on my old hard drive and decided to download it again and I know I was able to change the keys, but I cannot now, they just highlight and nothing else.

Am I just retarded or is something just not working for me?

Don't know if this information is relevant but I felt shoving it here in case you asked or something x.x;

View attachment 201837

I am using:

Plugin: gpuPeteD3D

Intel Pentium 4
2 GB of ram
Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 330MB
Direct X 9.0c

Thank you for your help!
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