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Hey everyone, long time no speak. I dont know if this thread belongs in hardware discussion, but it has something to do with hardware :)
Anyway, this thread is to with ebuyer, if you haven't guessed. This is my experiences with them up until now.
I have ordered from ebuyer many times. Hard drives, flash memory, wireless cards.. alot of stuff :) Everytime I have ordered from them, I have always recieved exellent service from them. Until now.
On sunday 9th jan, I placed an order with ebuyer. My biggest yet. It was a whole new sempron 3100+ based machine, moniter and all. I picked the parts from the site, in the confidence that this order would be like any other. (how wrong could I have been?) When I placed the order, I was promptly informed that the moniter was out of stock, but, if the order had progressed to the 'payment taken' stage, then there was nothing to worry about, as they had got the stock, and could ship it.
My motherboard (a gigabyte k8vt800, if your interested :)), was in another warehouse, however. Ebuyer could ship this ahead of schedule, so they did. But in order to ship it, they had to take payment for the whole order (this is were the problem is). So, they took the payment, and sent me the motherboard, which I now have.
The problem now lies with the rest of the PC. The other parts, that are in stock, are at another warehouse, but ebuyer will not ship until they have all the stock ready for dispatch. It turns out that the moniter was not only out of stock, but was discontinued!! some of you may have already figured this bit out, but this means that as long as the moniter has been discontinued, I will never get the rest of the PC!!
Of course, I wouldn't just leave it like that, without asking ebuyer for some assistence. I couldn't find there number at first glance, on the site. but I seen they had an 'enotes' system, were you send notes to the ebuyer staff, and communincations happen that way. So I sent my enote exactly one week ago. Days past, and I didn't have a reply (they stated 2 working days on the site). Eventually, I got fed up with waiting, and I went on a hunt for there phone number. Then I found out, that actualy, they dont have their contact number on the site!! It turns out infact, that their contact number, no longer works. How ever, all was not lost. I DID manage to find their fax number. I dont have a fax machine, but I do have a fax/modem. so I dug out my old modem (ahhh, the ways of the old days, hehe), popped it back in my PC, and faxed them. Shortly after I faxed, result!! I had a reply!
In the time it had taken for all of this to happen, it turned out that more items were not in stock, however.
So now, Im in the position were:
Ebuyer Have my money (£541.06)
I have a mother board (£45.35)
Ebuyer dont have most of my items, and once again, have 'forgotten' to reply to my enotes.
I am running out of patients.

My GCSE in maths helps me to figure out that infact, I am £495.71 down (well, ok, my GCSE didn't help. windows calc done that, hah). Does anyone know what I should do/who/what I should contact to complain about ebuyer? Also, has anyone had any similar problems with ebuyer?
I have, however, learnt my lesson.
1) Ebuyer are so cheap because they have a shabby customer support service.
2) I am never going to buy from ebuyer again.
3) have a new customer :)
Phew, that was a big post.. Sorry for boring you :D

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You can always threaten them with taking legal action or giving them some attention in nation wide tv programs which deal with problems such as these. I don't know if they have those in your country, but we do have them in Holland. Companies don't like negative attention being spread, especially not if it's going to be on tv.

Try to find out if such programs exist and if it can help you.

Good luck :)

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Legal action is a possibility..
As for tv shows like that.. we do have something like that, watchdog, but I cant even remember if they still show it, and I doubt they would take notice of something as 'minor' as this..
I've been looking on the web, and alot of people share my opinion, ebuyer have very poor customer service. Its a pity tho, they could have been so much better if they had s system that works..

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Im sure you will get it sorted, E-buyer is cheap for a reason (bad customer support when something goes wrong) there E-notes are a stupid way to contact them but they removed there email & telephone from the site so its your only option.
I would take the matter up with your credit card company & if that doesnt help then file a small claims through the court & they will soon pay up.
I ordered some stuff the other day & they sent me 50 blank dvd's I didnt order but I wasnt charged so sometimes there cockups work in your favour.
Anyway heres some info that might help you, this is supposedly there phone number 0870 467 0753 & heres a few email address to try.

Ebuyer (UK) Ltd (EBUYER5-DOM)
201 Woodbourn Road
Sheffield, South Yorkshire S81 7QP

Naylor, Mike
[email protected]
Suite 215, The Portergate, Ecclesall Road
S11 8NX

Patel, N (XVYDDRCNLI) [email protected]
Ebuyer UK Ltd
Unit 5, Centurion Business Park
Coggin Mill Way
S60 1FB


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Ah, a little update -
Well, after countless fax's, enotes and attempted phone calls, ebuyer decided to pull their finger out their ass, and do something about the problem. They have found a new TFT screen for me, and instead of a sempron 3100+, im getting an AMD 2800+ 64bit. The new processor is because the sempron 3100+ stock had dried up.. some other things were changed, but other than that, its nothing major. I should have my order within a dew days, I supect (well, it bloody better arrive!!)
Funny, however, as it still is telling me the ship date is the 17th of jan.. hah. I was looking forward to overclocking the sempron to hell.. but meh, 64bit will do just fine. lol.
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