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Ebots Rock in Final Fantasy 6

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I have a problem with Final Fantasy VI. The game runs perfect up untill I enter Ebots rock in WOR, then everything turns black. To be honest I dont know If this is because theres a problem with the Emulator settings of if Im missing something in the game, but I cant seem to find anyting about the cave being all black in any of the FAQs.

So, does anyone have a suggestion how to solve this little problem?

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maybe your iso/cd is corrupt?
try another video plugin and/or emulator

edita : also if you're loading from save states, don't (load from memory card instead and try again)
hmm.. Ive tried two different gfxplugins but same problem with both of them, Ill try loading from a memory card but most of the time i have a promblem getting the keyboard to work properly when I do.

try hitting F5 when you load from memcard to switch controller type between analog/digital. I know you cannot play FF Origins with the controller set to analog, so it might be the same deal here. Also make sure your PAD config is set to Analog/Digital (F5) so the F5 will work correctly.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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