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Easy CD-Creator 4

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1)I tried using this program to make a copy of spiderman, but i got some error at 100% of the recording phase. When i checked the cd, it was a 64-min audio cd. What's the deal? Would this program 'detect' that spiderman is 'too big' to be copied to a cd? What could be the problem?

2) So far, Easy CD-Creator has been included in two of our computer purchases, and i wonder, is it actually a decent burning program?

3) I know psx cd's have those purposely place error sectors in them. Is there a way to copy a psx cd in its entirety (a perfect copy) so that it could even be run on an ordinary playstation console?

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You may want to uninstall Easy CD 4 before installing other CD burn software. I've read that E CD 4 can cause conflicts, but other softwares should work fine together.
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