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Easy CD-Creator 4

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1)I tried using this program to make a copy of spiderman, but i got some error at 100% of the recording phase. When i checked the cd, it was a 64-min audio cd. What's the deal? Would this program 'detect' that spiderman is 'too big' to be copied to a cd? What could be the problem?

2) So far, Easy CD-Creator has been included in two of our computer purchases, and i wonder, is it actually a decent burning program?

3) I know psx cd's have those purposely place error sectors in them. Is there a way to copy a psx cd in its entirety (a perfect copy) so that it could even be run on an ordinary playstation console?

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>Just destroy it
I'd have to agree with Raziel on this one, in many ways the program is nothing short of terrible. It has its merits, granted, but for just about anything other than data CD creation it falls flat. You'd want to take extra care before installing it on a Win2k system as it tends to conflict with juch about everything. I'd just stick with Nero and CDRWin, myself.
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