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Earthworm Jim 2 No Music

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Anyone gotten music to work in any emulator for this game? I tried Epsxe and PCSXBOX, but no luck.
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do you have the first 3 boxes checked under Config-->Sound? what sound plugin(s) have you tried?
I am having trouble as well, I'm using multiple sound plugins and reconfiguring them many times, even with the first 3 boxes checked. Still no luck. Yes, I have the bin + cue file and still no luck. Has anyone gotten this game to work with its music? If so, please tell us what plugin and config to use.
Earthworm Jim uses CDDA for the music. If the options for it are anywhere they're in your CDROM plugin configuration settings.

Edit: Holy cow, talk about thread necromancy.
Thanks Mako Eyes, the only selection I can find for CDDA is on Moobys CDR plugin. There is an option for "Repeat all CDDA tracks" which I've checked-marked but still no luck. I've checked and unchecked the "Enable Subchannel data" and still no luck. I would like to download more plugins other than Pete's and try them. I have no idea where to find them though. Is there a page here dedicated to all plugins and where to find them??!!! (other than Petes's)

Edit- Nevermind, Jonc2006 showed me the page for plugins

Edit - I got it to work using Sapu 1.3 CDR and Eternal SPU, thanks to everyone for their knowledge!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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