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E3 Pictures on PoP Legacy Exclusive with Devil May Cry 4, Age of Empire 3, and more

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I'm glad everyone is enjoying the videos... As I promised, here are most of the pictures from E3. I wasn't smiling in most of my pictures because I still had my braces on. I got them off yesterday. YAYAYA!!! Plus I was dead tired in some of them. lol. Also I was able to get a couple good pictures of Devil May Cry 4.

Here's the link to pictures that I took at E3.

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And now the question is, which games did you play that sucked? Or maybe, through a more optimistic approach, what's the "killer app" of 2005/2006?
ok here's some run down for the games I've played:

Shinning Force: I felt was really good, in some parts the enemies appear after a while, but are apparent on your radar. It plays a lot like Ys, which is good.

The future of Ys: As I had a media badge, I could ask a lot of question from Koonami.

Ys 6

So far the game looks really good on the PSP through the menu, graphics, music, and gameplay wise.

-The gameplay is really good, the user can change whether or not if he or she wants use the analog joystick or the d-pad.

-As for the graphics, they seem to look awesome on the PSP, even though they might not seem high resolution as the PC version.

-The music is just like the PC version unlike its PS2 counterpart, which is really good for us Ys fans.

-Sony is giving them trouble with the port of the game, so they have decided to the add some extra content, which will make the gameplay longer. Koonami was still working on it.

-Ys 6 will hopefully release during the Fall or Winter of this year.

-The only bad of the port was the load times from one area to the other, it was about 45 seconds. But they said it is because the version on display is the beta and in the final version it would be far less more like it won't be even noticable at all. Plus the E3 displayed game was more of a last minute thing.

-The second bad part is that there will be no port of Ys 6 for the PC version.

Now for Ys The Oath of Felghana. Koonami is evaluating the port of the game and negotating with Falcom(mostly about the music) for NA and Europe audience for the PS2 and the PSP ports in later next year or early 2007... Koonami has told me that the signs are neutral as of right now. It mostly depends on the sales of Ys 6 for the PSP abd PS2 ports, but they are very keen on supporting Ys after I said Ys series needs better name recognition and with time it'll do well like the re-introduction of the Prince of Persia Series. So there still is a good chance of it to come to the NA and Europe.


Gundam games:

They feel good and play like them. Although Gundam: Gundam versus Zeta felt graphically superior to Gundam Seed.

Gundam Online is being released in North America is that's great fun for all of us here.

The Shadow of Collossus was my major disappointment. The graphics were very pixalated(I'll blame that on HD TVs) that the game was being displayed on. But controls felt sloppy and anyone of us players were barely able to beat the Boss in the game because we would slip from bad button press. The only thing it has going for making it a success is its art style, which gets outclassed by the next Zelda game. As for the combat it felt more in viens of slower version of Ico. But hopefully the game is good.

The next Prince of Persia game seems that it'll be redeeming a lot of its bad aspects from Warrior Within.

Soul Calibur 3 was really fun to play.

Tekken 5, I played a bit. It was fun, but I suck at it.

I won two games from there. Tekken 5 and Mechassault 2: Lonewolf.

Kindom of Hearts 2, played really good and was fun to play...

There's probably more games I've played and saw. But this is from top of my head for now.
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