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Which is the winner at E3

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Kane said:
They said that FFXI will be ported with extra featues to the Xbox360. The main line of the FF franchise remains on the PS3. CC will remain on Nintendo's platforms.

No one said that there was going to be an FF remake. People said that it would be great if they did as it looks so damned cool.
According to this interview, the Xbox 360 version will be same as the PC and PS2.

Development has been progressing smoothly. There will be no fundamental changes to the game over the PC and PS2 versions -- they want to present the same world and game concept to Xbox 360 gamers.
Microsoft has to be careful want they wish for. Microsoft finally got Square-Enix developing games for them, but it's probably B-rated side-project games.
1 - 2 of 92 Posts
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