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is it possible to use e-cards
Yes, it is.
But you need a special/custom version of VBA.

on the emulator or no$gba
no$gba IS an emulator.

for pokemon games
If you are using no$gba, there is no problem.
If you are using VBA, you can only use standalone cards unless you find the cracked save files with the data from the cards or a version of VBA which is capable of emulating cable link and e-reader.

and how do you use them
Depends on what kind of cards you want to use and which emulator you get.
Plus, you'll need to get the card's rips/dump and the e-reader bios/rom...

Once you get everything legally, will continue the explanation.

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....we did have partial ereader in vba-m... think we broke it though,
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