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Its a good thing to see that people still are interested in the Dxbx project.
However.. there are also alot of people who sharing the Dxbx installation on other websites.

Remember ... the Real installation can be found on sourceforge.
Browse dxbx Files on

There are people on the web that make new builds of daily updates.. and post them on the web.
We can not garrentee these versions will not screw up your system or are virus free !!!

The reason why there are not daily builds, is that we generate a new installation when we think it will help people to see more stuff from the xbox.
Also somethimes things will break..

Its not to scare you.. but you are warned :)
When we think its good or save to generate a new installation you can find it there.

Also as you has seen, the new versions are released sooner then before.


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