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12/29/2005 - We had to squeeze in one last update before the new year. As you may or may not know, We started on a Handheld History project. However, it dawned on us that our console history site required lot of work. So before we could begin something new, we had some fixin to do. So we reworked every script, and cleaned up a lot of bad "engrish" and grammer, added some missing info, etc. You can see whats new below, but the most important thing about this update is the new community Console History Forums! We would like to thank Keith Bond for his help with the forums. Anyhoo enjoy and Happy New Year!

Oh...on a side note...We decided to keep the site layout simple. It was nice browsing the site using our Sony PSP. We also kept the "Old Browser" page. Chances are most browsers will like the layout, but it came in handy when surfing from a mobile WAP enabled cell phone. (Just in case ya need a quick history fix..heh)

* Cleaned up scripts and layout (should fix tree menu in Internet Explorer)
* Added a few game screens to pages that didn't have any
* Added a few blurbs and a link for Bally Astrocade
* Added Chankast emulator for Dreamcast - Thanks Cid Highwind!
* Added CPS-1 Changer emulator (can't believe we forgot that)
* Reworked DISCover and Xbox360 consoles to reflect current changes
* Reworked FM Towns Marty, and added emulator
* Reworked Super Cassette Vision, and added emulator
* Added information on Atari Flashback 2.0
* Added information and specs for Tandy VIS
* Added more articles via Blog
* New BLOG and Console Forums!
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