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3/10/2005 - This update was long overdue! We had some issues to juggle in the real world, and a lot of things started piling up. So rather then putting it off longer, we decided an update was in order. The first thing worth noting is the rearranging of menu items. You can now find articles in one place, and features (Such as Rumor Roundup, Crossword Puzzles, and Graphics Evolution) in another. We also have a new BLOG and RSS features thanks to our host Keith Bond. You may also notice the added Google Ads. Hey, this hobby costs money, and we are not one for donations (not yet!). These ads may help us, and will hopefully help you by pointing you to console / game sales. Bah! Enough chit chat...enjoy!

  • Updated Panasonic M2
  • Add Rumor Roundup
  • Added Brief History of Controllers (See Articles & Info)
  • Added meat to Bally Astrocade
  • Added new image, info and corrections to SG-1000
  • Fixed error in Specs and beefed up Channel F history (Thanks Fredric Blåholtz!)
  • Added a Mario Mascot Graphics Evolution (See Features & More)
  • Moved "Graphics Evolution" to "Features & More"
  • Moved "Game Media" to "Articles & Info"
  • New BLOG and RSS Feed features
  • Added VTech V.Smile


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Heh, its cool how you have the fakes section. I used to have a Dendy when I lived in Russia... Heh, no wonder they don't have one here in the U.S. And the rumor roundup was a good read too...

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Alright it's a bit of riviving, but I wanted to add that if you're doing a new update, you might as well add Chankast to the list of emulators for the DC :)
It currently only names Icarus.
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