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DVD Region problem

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I'm trying to play a DVD in my laptop with the latest version of Media Player Classic, but the DVD is telling me that it does not work in my region. My DVD player is region free, said so by dvdgenie, but then why am I getting this error? The only movie apps I have installed on this thing is what comes with the full Klite codec pack, not the mega one. Thanks for your help.
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Same thing happened to me. I also have installed powerdvd. I set the region of powerdvd with dvdgenie and it won't read a disc of a different region than the one specified on dvdgenie. This is perfectly natural but mpc seems to use this setting as well: if my powerdvd is set to region 4 and won't read r1 then mpc will read r4 and won't read r1.

I know it could sound crazy but since you don't have anything else installed it could be using the region of you windows media player. Change your location in Control panel and see if it works.
ok, but to what? Its set to US now, and I just tryed UK(no good). I am trying to play region 1't US R1? I'm running Win98 on this thing, but even after updateing 98 to the fullest, WMP won't play dvd's, what's up with that? Thanks though.
IIRC win 98/me has it's own built in region protection as well as that present on drives and in the decoder software. It's appears you've shifted the other two correctly though.

Ironically the best way to defeat the win98 protection is to upgrade to win2k/xp :D. They couldn't get it working in NT based os's and ended up ditching it :p.
Well (&^%ing &$^#, oh well, I wanted to upgrade to 2000 anyway, does it require any more system...requirements?
Wait, dvdgenie has a feature to bypass the windows 98 protection. Have you checked that?
Yeah but I could never get the '98 bypass in DVDgenie to work properly. It kept restoring it again after every reboot ...
I installed PowerDVD XP (I got it with my GF4) and now it works, but only in it's player.
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