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Dust: An Elysian Tail - XNA just got its poster child

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Hold onto your socks, for they may blow when you check out this new XNA game - Dust: An Elysian Tail.

Created for the Dream Build Play competition, this new Xbox live and XNA title almost blew my socks off with how splendid it is looking. Aside from the character designs, this has to be one of the most fantastic XNA games ever to be produced, and it could very well be one of the best looking Live games to be created as well.

Shame then it is full of furries.
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Wow, that does look pretty awesome. I can forgive the furries-ness if the gameplay proves to be fun.
Wow, amazing and gorgeous! Looking forward to playing it.
Looks fantastic; reminiscent of Guardian Heroes, which is a very, very good thing.

Looks like I may be spending more time on the 360 soon again :)
whoa, cool stuff! reminds me of Odin Sphere, a good 2D platformer which has become a rarity these days :(
I don't see it listed on Wikipedia's XBLA list

When is the release date and how much will it cost?
looks great minus the furry. And somehow i just think this fits better on the Wii. Reminds me a lot of Muramasa.
Looks very pretty. But it also looks like a shallow button-masher.
I don't see it listed on Wikipedia's XBLA list

When is the release date and how much will it cost?
It is for the dream build play competition, which means that if it is successful, the team could win up to $40,000 and an Xbox Live publishing contract. There is no release date as of yet as the competition has not concluded yet. Once it does however, there is a good solid chance it will be published, but at the present time there is no word on a proper live release.

Microsoft XNA Game Studio Contest
Thanks for the heads up...
Wish it gets a PC release.
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