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Dungeon Siege II - Single-Player Demo

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I am running on low amount of sleep. Picked this up, figured I'd give it a try since there's been a lack of good single-player Pc games.

I must admit i'm looking forward to this one. Alot. The game while not graphically advance, looks alot better in motion that pictures could show.

Gameplay is much improved adding alot of new elements. The storyline seems intriguing, if not B-material. (including the voice acting) know what just download it...i'm going to's lazy tonight.

P.S. Shot were taken at 1024X768-32bit, Advanced Shaders on and full details. No AA or AF (cause i'm lazy again)
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oO is it just me or the game looks ugly? oO
Yeah im installing it now. And the stupid thing is, the file i downloaded is a rar, that extracts an compressed .exe that extracts the setup that installs the game. So i need like 8GB total just to install the damn game grrr

Hope its worth it oO
im glad Zer0Soul made a good review couse i didnt play long enough to make a good one lol.

Honestly i dont have the patience for this type of games anymore, and seeing that on top of that this game kinda sucked, i only played for 10 minutes then i uninstalled it. All i can say is, Gameplay is fast, diablo 2 style, graphics are very very weak, textures and models are simply awfull, effects are pretty good though, sound is good (dont remember earing any music though), i never liked this fast paced gameplay in RPGs so i can't say if its good or not. I simply dont like it but others might. Imo, this is a game to be released 2 years ago, right now games shouldnt look like this xD
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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