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Dungeon Siege II - Single-Player Demo

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I am running on low amount of sleep. Picked this up, figured I'd give it a try since there's been a lack of good single-player Pc games.

I must admit i'm looking forward to this one. Alot. The game while not graphically advance, looks alot better in motion that pictures could show.

Gameplay is much improved adding alot of new elements. The storyline seems intriguing, if not B-material. (including the voice acting) know what just download it...i'm going to's lazy tonight.

P.S. Shot were taken at 1024X768-32bit, Advanced Shaders on and full details. No AA or AF (cause i'm lazy again)
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i must say, for the number of years its been since the original came out, you'd think the graphics would have actually improved. maybe they're taking things one step at a time and this one is about improving gameplay. the graphics will have to wait until the next game of the series. on a side note, DS was probably the most disappointing game i had bought back in the day. lasted 2 weeks before ... bleh. so, i might be a bit bitter against the series still. ;)
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