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Dungeon Siege II - Single-Player Demo

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I am running on low amount of sleep. Picked this up, figured I'd give it a try since there's been a lack of good single-player Pc games.

I must admit i'm looking forward to this one. Alot. The game while not graphically advance, looks alot better in motion that pictures could show.

Gameplay is much improved adding alot of new elements. The storyline seems intriguing, if not B-material. (including the voice acting) know what just download it...i'm going to's lazy tonight.

P.S. Shot were taken at 1024X768-32bit, Advanced Shaders on and full details. No AA or AF (cause i'm lazy again)
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Ok sorry for a late night, slop fest of a post. Anyways here's my good review.

Storyline: (8/10) The game takes place in the same world and settings as the first DS game. You are thrust into this new story during a time of conflict. A great war rages and you just got recurited to fight in it. Along side your trusty Elf companion your off to save the day. It seems very cookie cutter in many ways, but certain twists and turns even in the first chapter seem to make it more intereting that it looks.

Graphics: (7/10) I wish I could say better things about the graphics. Your treated to some very nice CG movies in the intro. Psyching you up for what could be a great graphically inclined game. Instead your getting about 2 notches up from the original
DS engine. The enviroments are nice and are lush with little details. Yet, it's still isn't up to standards with some of todays gaming. I still dreams of a rich filled DS or NWN style game with Guild War graphics. The lighting effects are nice, and the ingame cutscenes come together fairly well. It just need a little more.

Gameplay: (7/10) It's DS with new rules. It's like the BG games or even NWN. Your pretty much played the same game before, but with new spells, rulesets, and storyline. You point, click and your charcter attacks. There is some nice new items such as devastation attacks, and more emphasis for your party. Yet, I feel like I've played this all before. It's a nice deviation from the lackluster slow summer pc releases, but it's not enough.

Overall: (7.5/10) The original DS came out around the same time as NWN. It wasn't as smash office breaking as people had hoped, yet did create a nice expansive game to play. You can now find it in sotres for 9.99, or with it's expansion for 19.99. I think overall the lack of large upgrades to the graphics and gameplay.I'm going to wait for a significant price drop on this one. In the 19.99 to 24.99 range. Than again I'm a CAG.(Cheap ... Gamer).
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