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Dungeon Siege II - Single-Player Demo

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I am running on low amount of sleep. Picked this up, figured I'd give it a try since there's been a lack of good single-player Pc games.

I must admit i'm looking forward to this one. Alot. The game while not graphically advance, looks alot better in motion that pictures could show.

Gameplay is much improved adding alot of new elements. The storyline seems intriguing, if not B-material. (including the voice acting) know what just download it...i'm going to's lazy tonight.

P.S. Shot were taken at 1024X768-32bit, Advanced Shaders on and full details. No AA or AF (cause i'm lazy again)
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get the demo on or

metalmurphy, yes it looks ugly and damn a 1.5gb demo is a little too HUGE for a game, does it comes with 20 hours of gameplay and the actual game has 8gb or what?! still, I'm downloading it as I'm a sucker for these types of game and the first one quite fun.
test it and tell us what you think ;) , my internet connection is having some problems so I won't see it until night.

I heard that the size is so big because the file that contains the texture structure can't be modified to contain only 1 chapter so you have to download all that for a little demo ¬¬...
yeah, I had the same impression, I still played much more than 10 minutes, the game does grows on you if you give it some more time, horrible graphics with nice touches makes it even harder, specially the fact that it seemed a little too jerky here.

although I think I could have some fun for some time with this one I think I'll pass
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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