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Dungeon Keeper Gold doesn't work

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On a fit of nostalgia, I popped up my Dungeon Keeper Gold CD and installed it, making sure the compatibility stuff are on.

It's supposed to run on Win95, and it simply blanks out and dies on my current system. It used to work on my old Win9X system, so I loaded up the dual boot of Win9x. Caused a blue screen related to some VXD.

Was this thing not meant to be played on something above PII??? If only it was a pure DOS game, I wouldn't have any problems... drat. I miss beating up the good guys and sacrificing chickens to the evil gods just for kicks. :lol:

Help much appreciated!
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I ran DK a month ago without a problem. Didn't even have to turn on the compatibility mode. Are you sure that you installed it correctly? The Windows version, not the DOS one. Did the path name not exceed the limits?
We are talking about the _original_
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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