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Dumping PS2 Bios and Rom1.bin and all Pcsx2 need to work.

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Hi, i'm noob using pcsx2,and i not have the bios and the other roms needed by pcsx2 to start.

i heard it's illegal downloading these, so i ask how if i can dump it.

i have an european ps2 (SCPH39004),first,how i have to connect ps2-to-pc?
i've a double usb cable, but i dont know anything else.

and when i connected it,do you know where i could find a dumper?

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Check the BIOS section on Bositman`s configuration Guide for a little info and a link to the program (or if you prefer only the link then it`s, it`s the dumpbios at the bottom of the page), also check for info. Also, if your new to pcsx2, then check out the FAQ as it might answer a few things.
also, if you are to lazy to look, all you need is the main bios file for pcsx2 to run, ROM1.bin, Rom2.bin etc are NOT needed
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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