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dude why so quiet

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pls speak some words of wisdom, how r u, wat u been wokring on pls theres nothing worth looking forward to in the emulation scene nowadays
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People have a life you know, emulation authors cant be devoting ALL their time to this work. There are more important things to them. Who knows if xbox emulation will wake up once again. It's not an easy system to emulate. Maybe they are going to suprise us and jump out and give us an emulator that can play Halo 2 at full speeds with no problems! Who knows...
I don't think many of the authors are really focusing on xbox emulation. Most of the xbox games I enjoy (Doom 3..Halo...Half-Life 2) I can play on my PC. In the "old-days" as you put it, I never saw Final Fantasy on the PC. Emulation sort of brought that into the mix, and it was fun because it was something we never really have seen before.

Who knows what they are doing. Xbox emulation might happen a bit more when the system begins to dwindle (like when the Xbox 360 comes out).

It took caustik a while to figure things out with xbox emulation.
magiceyes118 said:
all true guys just wished xbox emulation picked up again i am soundin selfish but heres hopin............
We are all hoping...but caustik and _SF_ are probably working their hard asses off for an Xbox 360 ;) .

Damn I wish I could play Halo 2 on my PC..but it'll probably never happen(Bungie has no plans for a Halo 2 PC). I could care less about any other game than Halo 2 being emulated.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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