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dude why so quiet

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pls speak some words of wisdom, how r u, wat u been wokring on pls theres nothing worth looking forward to in the emulation scene nowadays
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buti mean most emulators nowadays r just being kept secretly i miss the old days i know i osund selfish but i mean even posting any news is not hard
thats missin the point most games that r on xbox r on ps2 now wouldn;t it be easier to emulate the xbox than the ps2 not saying that in a selfish way offcourse but as ur comparing pc games on xbox i can with ps2 games on xbox
how is that didn't turok run at full speed or near full speed and the cxbx wasn't even near finished?
plus emu authors have said emulating xbox is easier than maybe ps2 but still hard but more doable with good speed that is
all true guys just wished xbox emulation picked up again i am soundin selfish but heres hopin............
theres always xenon i really do wonder where this emu is going if not already stopeed?
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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