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dude why so quiet

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pls speak some words of wisdom, how r u, wat u been wokring on pls theres nothing worth looking forward to in the emulation scene nowadays
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ChankastRules said:
Yes it's probably easier to emulate because like I said above it uses a modified version of DirectX 8.1 but fact remains that's it much more powerful than the PS2
So what? And the PC is much more powerful than both of them.
The interesting thing is the amount of overhead emulation creates, and that should be far less for xbox-emulation than for ps2-emulation (or every other emulator).

ChankastRules said:
1. Turok isn't exactly the most impressing game on the xbox and I doubt it uses the xbox resources to the fullest.
True, but still, xbox-games in an emulator would always run a lot faster than ps2-games for example.

ChankastRules said:
2. The author has probably focused to make this single game as fast as possible.
He focused on this game to make it run at all, because as far as I know, it was the first game caustik was able to test with. That doesn't mean the emulator does any special optimizations for it.
Actually, I had a quick look at the emulator sourcecode. Obviously, its to complicated to understand in only a few minutes, but as far as I can tell, the only game where special actions are taken is Halo.

@Master Chief: Screw Halo 2! Gimme DoA 3 or Ultimate and I'll be happy. ;)
ChankastRules said:
Of course overhead is important, but if something is twice as powerful as something else, and creates half the amount of overhead... it's equally hard to get to run at the same speed :O
Yeah, but if something, lets call it x is like 50% more powerful than the other thing we are going to call p but creates only a fifth of the overhead, well, its not nearly as hard to get to run at the same speed.

Or to rephrase that: You made up those numbers yourself so your conclusion is completely baseless.
It's close to impossible to quantify the difference in power between PS2 and XBox or the amount of overhead, but I'm pretty sure my numbers are closer than yours. :p
ChankastRules said:
Touché :D my statement was not meant as a conclusion but merely as an explanation to what I meant, even if the xbox creates much less overhead.. it's still hard to emulate at good speeds because it's faster. I'd very much like for someone to prove me wrong and write a fully working xbox emulator within a year, or two though :D
agreed. :)
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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