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Duckstation shows pixelated graphics

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to run MGS on Duckstation but despite my settings, the game is being rendered in a very pixelated manner.

When using EPSXE, the game looks super crisp, but some cutscenes and sound effects are not emulated properly.

With Duckstation the emulation seems fine, it is just very low resolution despite my settings.

Thank you for your kind help.

Have a nice day.


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some considerations:

(a) duckstation when presenting a video resolution or configuration above that supported by the GPU can simply completely override the configuration and output an image in native resolution.

instead of 9x try using 2 or 3x. above 3x it is difficult to have any image improvement. the gains are smaller and smaller and the cost exponentially greater.

try 2x if using xBR, 3x if using other texture magnification options.

xBR gets very heavy very fast, use it at low magnifications only.

(b) downsampling is something you seem to want to combat. disable.

downsampling converting the high resolution image to native resolution... it looks better than the original, however, it is extremely heavy and more common for use on CRTs rather than modern monitors.

with these two changes, you should have significant improvements.

(c) in "DuckStation, Settings, Post-Processing" you can add some additional graphical improvements. understand that you need to have free processing resources for them to work.

(d) in "DuckStation, Settings, Advanced, Multisample Antialiasing" allows you to make the image smoother. again start with little improvement, 2x or 3x and test as you need free resources for it to work.

finally, feedback us _o/
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