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Okay, so I've decided to play through FF9 again, but I don't have a gamepad, and Old Gray is at my grandparents house. I got a wild idea to try and use one of my PS3 controllers with an emu, and found this one. I got a driver that works, for the most part, that is, I can see it in the input device menu of Vista.

(driver found at

However, when I went into ePSXe to configure the controls, I can't have the analog sticks and the dpad on at the same time, because of the driver. Either way, for some reason it isn't recognizing movements of the right stick at all, and I'm quite certain I haven't broken three controllers in less than an hour.

Anyone know of another driver I could use? I don't even think rumble exists in FF9, so a sixaxis driver will suffice.

Edit: Wow, for some reason the link isn't loading the page. Strange.
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