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<div>The other active Nintendo DS emulator Dualis has another release today....the first release within the last 2 months.</div>

  • CPU: Fixed crashes when unsupported CP15 operations are invoked</li>
  • MMU: Added optional mirroring of IPC to 0x027FFxxx</li>
  • MMU: Fixed time/date data</li>
  • GPU: Added support for direct color OBJs</li>
  • GPU: Added support for 16-color rotoscaled OBJs</li>
  • GPU: Fixed clipping of hflipped 16-color OBJs</li>
  • GPU: Fixed rotoscaled 256-color OBJs</li>
  • GPU: Fixed 512-pixel wide text BGs</li>
  • GPU: Fixed screen size error for the D3D renderer</li>
» Download Dualis Release 9 <a href="">here</a></div>
<div>» Dualis <a target="_blank" href="">homepage</a> </div>

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Sweet! Go NDS Emulation!!!! One thing that they need (sometime in the distent future) for all DS emulators is advance dual moniter set up features, like the ability to run it full screen across both moniters, one on each. Thats how I link 2 GBA's together sometimes...
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