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Dualis Release 8

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Heres whats new:

CPU: The Sqrt SWI is now function number 13 instead of 8
MMU: Fixed DMA word counts
MMU: Touchscreen calibration data can now be entered in the .ini file
MMU: Fixed some VRAM mappings
GPU: Fixed some hflip issues for 16-color text BGs
GPU: Fixed the VRAM source address for extended rotoscale BGs on the sub core
GPU: Fixed blending of the leftmost column for 16-color text BGs
GPU: Fixed some 16-color OBJ clipping issues
GPU: Proper VRAMCNT values are now enforced
GUI: Added an I/O register viewer
GUI: Added a tile viewer
GUI: Added a -theme commandline switch to select color theme (eg. -theme 0)
GUI: Fixed the file path of dualis.ini

Get it at the Dualis Homepage.
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Get it at

There are also some new screenshots.
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