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CPU: Fixed the Div SWI number (6 -> 9)
CPU: Added BLX (both variants)
GPU: Fixed Y-clipping for rotoscaled OBJs
GPU: Fixed a bug introduced in the last release where the wrong palette would be used for OBJs when uding the GDI renderer
GUI: Fixed a disassembler bug where shift amounts would be missing
GUI: Fixed a disassembler bug where the wrong condition code would be shown
GUI: Added the ability to alter the CPU registers through the disassembler (click on a register in the register list)
GUI: Alt+F4 commands to the video output window are now promoted to the main window
GUI: The short lag between pressing Esc and the emulator actually shutting down should now be gone
GUI: Added AVI recording through VFW
GUI: Added the ability to take screenshots (24-bit BMP only)
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