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Exaclty today, the new version was released including the source. This what has changed:

CPU: Fixed a bug in Thumb STRH with register offset
MMU: Fixed accesses to DTCM when it has been mapped within main RAM
GPU: Fixed a bug that closed the emulator when a BG was enabled before the VRAM banks were set up
GPU: Fixed a bug where the wrong screen base block would be used in some cases
GPU: Fixed some OBJ priority issues
GPU: Fixed some luma increase/decrease issues
GPU: Added support for extended palettes on text BGs
GUI: Memory viewer and disassembler now accept arbitrary addresses
GUI: Added an edit function to the memory viewer (click on a memory cell, enter a new value and hit "Set")
GUI: Fixed a few bugs in the palette and tile viewer dialogs

And for the curious types, the full source code of Dualis is now available in the download section.
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