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I want to make an dualboot on this current system
Drive c: windows xp sp 3
Drive d: windows vista SP2
Created with vistabootpro...

I want to format drive D: and install windows 7 in there..

Can I just install windows 7 on drive D: and will it work??

Also will motherboard/graphics/audio drivers which are orginally for xp and have no windows 7 version, work in windows 7?


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Windows 7 will update the bootloader on the primary drive.

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Just format the D drive and install Windows 7 in place of Vista, it'll dual-boot itself with XP just fine.

About the drivers, it depends on whether your hardware manufacturer has created Win7 drivers for your hardware. Generally though, any piece of hardware that isn't stone-old is supported, and Vista drivers usually work on Win7 as well.
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