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-Mario Golf TT-

-The game will not run if Dual core is enabled, unless you use software rendering
-It is possible to load a Single core Savestate while running the game with DC enabled, but the game will freeze shortly after
-Even if one can get 50 fps (for the PAL version) the music will play two times slower than on the gamecube
-Sounds are missing for voices, but sometimes you can hear the ball sinking in...
(dunno if it's related to dual core or not)

-Soul Calibur II-

-By using regular x32 version or x64/x64IL the game will only reach the company logos, then will freeze at 0 Vps
-The game only runs on x32 IL version of Dolphin
-Using Dualcore will make the game Fast and playable, but intro/ending movies won't show up (in fact they will crash Dolphin)
-Dual core mode mess up the gfx I.E The game menu it's all green, the Letters on Weapon master mode are red, and the in-game text for "Battle 1,,2, Fight, K.O Etc) are white/red (instead of gold)
-The health bar cannot be seen unless you make a save state (yeah.. when the "cache cleared" message appears, the colors improve (that's weird)
-Ingame music, will randomly stop playing, but sound effects will remain, unless one abuses savestating.
-The game seems graphically perfect on Single core, but music will still stop playing after a while

Just reporting :thumb:
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