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All of this DSiware was tested in No$gba v2.8.

Completely non-working:
16 Shot! SHOOTING WATCH - Freezes at Nintendo logo
21- Blackjack - Black screen
Boom Boom Squaries - Black screen
Airport Mania- First Flight - Freezes at logos
Airport Mania--Non-Stop Flights - Freezes at logos
Animal Crossing Calculator - Locks up before displaying anything
Animal Crossing Clock - Locks up before displaying anything
Anonymous Notes 1 - From The Abyss - Locks up before displaying anything
Anonymous Notes 2 - From The Abyss - Locks up before displaying anything
Anonymous Notes 3 - From The Abyss - Locks up before displaying anything
Anonymous Notes 4 - From The Abyss - Locks up before displaying anything
Arctic Escape - Can't create profile. Locks up when going to the help menu.
Asphalt 4- Elite Racing - Causes no$gba to exit
BASE 10-Art Style Series - Locks up before displaying anything
Bird & Beans - Locks up before displaying anything
Bookworm - Shows intro video, then screen goes black(sound keeps playing)
Boom Boom Squaries - Black screen
Brain Age Express- Math - Locks up after language selection
Clubhouse Games Express--Card Classics - Locks up before displaying anything
Clubhouse Games Express--Family Favorites - Locks up before displaying anything
Clubhouse Games Express--Strategy Pack - Locks up before displaying anything
Crash-Course Domo - Locks up before displaying anything
DotMan - Locks up before displaying anything
Dr. Mario Express - Locks up before displaying anything
EARTH SAVER-GO Series - Locks up before displaying anything
Escapee GO! - Black screen after title screen
FLIGHT CONTROL - Plays, but crashes No$gba when planes collide
G.G Series HORIZONTAL BAR - Locks up before displaying anything
Glow Artisan - Crashes No$gba
Guitar Rock Tour - Black screen after ESRB rating
Hard-Hat Domo - Locks up before displaying anything
Mario Calculator - Locks up before displaying anything
Mario Clock - Locks up before displaying anything
Mario vs. Donkey Kong-Minis March Again! - Locks up before displaying anything
Mighty Flip Champs! - Locks up before displaying anything
Games that play, but have graphics issues(these all don't save):
AiRace - Tunnel - Minor corrupted graphics
Art Academy-First Semester - Minor corrupted graphics, paintbrush doesn't draw anything
Art Academy-Second Semester - Minor corrupted graphics
Magnetic Joe - Missing text on main menu buttons
PiCTOBiTS-Art Style Series - Missing text on some buttons
Playing Piano - Missing text on some buttons

Zelda - Four Swords - Anniversary Edition - HEAVILY corrupted graphics in game
Picture of Zelda in game:

Games that seem to play fine(but don't save):
American Popstar-Road to celebrity
AQUIA-Art Style Series
Arcade Bowling
Brain Challenge
DIGIDRIVE-Art Style Series
Electronic Keyboard
Fishing Resort-GO Series
Legends of Exidia
Master of Illusion Express-Deep Psyche
Master of Illusion Express-Funny Face
Master of Illusion Express-Shuffle Games
Mighty Milky Way
Paul's Shooting Adventure
Pinball Pulse-The Ancients Beckon
precipice-Art Style Series
Retro Keyboard
Shantae-Risky's Revenge
This list is a WIP.

All games have saving issues. Even the ones that boot up and play cannot save. A lot of games won't even let you play, they'll just lock up at a screen telling you there's an issue with the save data.

EDIT: It actually looks like DRAGON QUEST WARS saves. It seems to be the only game out of all tested that saves.

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Thanks for testing! Saving problems are more or less expected since the SD/MMC hardware isn't yet emulated. It's surprising that the DSiware games are working without SD/MMC anyways (using the "Card Cmd" logging function in no$gba's "TTY Window", it looks as if they are loading extra data from Cartridge ROM instead of from SD/MMC - apparently there's some "boot source" setting in RAM, which is telling them to load data from ROM).

Initial RAM content is probably a big problem, too. There may be still some missing stuff at 2FFxxxxh in Main RAM. And, I may be wrong here, but some DSiware/system files seem to require a DSi flag at 308FFC8h, without that value they seem to believe to run on a NDS console (hitting the swi 000006h glitch (aka swi 00h with 16bit fractional part 0006h), which is typical for DSi-only-games-running-on-NDS, the swi bug is seen when enabling warning messages in the "Xcept" setup tab).

And the most-unknown-RAM-content is that Cart header entry [1D4h], which is said to be a "Pointer to base address where various structures and parameters are passed to the title." I have no idea where that info comes from, and what data should be stored in that location.

For games with missing text, somebody suggested that they might require a file called "TWLFontTable.dat". I have no idea how they would access that file though, either it needs to be stored somewhere in RAM, or the games are supposed to load it via SD/MMC ports (but they are apparently not doing that since SD/MMC accesses would stop the emulation).

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After dumping some of my own DSiWare, I can say about a few more (all EU version unless noted):
  • X-Scape/X Returns/3D Space Tank: Playable. It detects the region and changes accordingly (!), but detects no$gba as JP region, so is stuck as X Returns.
  • Flipnote Studio doesn't work, but Ugoku Memo Chou (J) freezes at title screen. Seems to hit a breakpoint.
  • Chotto Magic Taizen series (J): Playable
  • Nintendo DSi + Internet (Aus): Watchable (nothing to play per se)
  • Nintendo DSi Browser: Runs but fails to connect to the internet
  • Art Academy: Breaks on bad opcodes in DSi mode (this is using a complete DS/DSi dump)
Other completely not working games:
Game & Watch series (shows ESRB screen then spits out bad opcodes, on console this is before it makes the savegame)
A Little Bit of... Brain Training: Arts Edition (E)/Chotto Brain Training Science Version (J) (tries to save then crashes)
Art Style: CODE(E)/Art Style: DECODE (J)
Chotto Dr Mario (J)
Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics
Kami Hikouki (J)
Tori to Mame (J)
Utsutsu Made in Wario (J)

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DSiware images are currently loaded as if they were DSi cartridges rather than DSiware files, and that's resulting in a bunch of problems with DSiware.

Most DSiware titles should (hopefully) work okay if you've installed them on your eMMC image, so that the DSi firmware could load them from that location. For doing that, you would either need to buy the games, and then dump your whole eMMC from real hardware, or...

One could probably also manually install commercial or homebrew DSiware titles on eMMC images - I don't think that anybody has ever done that yet, but it should be possible: one would just have to copy the file to the eMMC image, and, log it as installed title in one or two system files.

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Thank you for the information, nocash! And thank you for sharing all of your hard work, by the way. I've learned a lot from your website .

That said, my DSi is currently in a box (moving), so I'm unable to do anything with dumping the eMMC at the moment. (Should have kept it with the 3DS.)

In the meantime, if anyone much smarter than I am knows how one would go about manually installing a DSiware title on an eMMC image, I would love to look at a tutorial, but I'm too unlearned to figure out such a thing for myself. Otherwise, it'll likely be a few months before I'm able to test anything out. But I'll keep you updated on my tests unless someone beats me to it.

I only have a few titles on my card -- the aforementioned Zelda Anniversary Edition and Dr. Mario are the most worthy of note. And Zelda interests me particularly since it was only available for a short time and may not become available again.

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Nocash, will you provide in the future a way of loading DSiWare titles as if they were regular rom images?
Even if they first need to be loaded into some other kind of process so that they are recognized as DSiWare.

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Update - I finally dug up my DSi to dump my files and I'm still unable to get Four Swords Anniversary Edition to run through this method (nor Dr. Mario, for that matter).

So it appears that no$gba 2.8b is currently the best method to run this particular game unless someone knows something I don't.

By the way, the game is functionally playable, even with the corrupted graphics in that version, although difficult. Managed to get past the first area a while back.

All the same, thanks so much to nocash, who's done more for dsi emulation than anyone. :)

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What about DSi enhanced games in DSi mode? I've heard they're a bit buggy like that
Those games are mainly using the camera as enhanced feature, aren't they? The camera emulation is only producing a dummy white noise picture (since windows doesn't seem to provide api functions for accessing cameras).
Personally, I've tested only one enhanced game: Cooking Coach. And that one does additionally use the teak coprocessor, which is still miles away from being emulated.
So, no, the DSi emulation isn't suitable for gaming purposes.

PS. You've also asked about system files (in v2.8e release thread): No, DSi enhanced cartridges don't have any access to the system files on eMMC storage, so that files would be needed only for DSiware, not for cartridges.

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I wrote this guide on how to copy DSiware titles into NAND a couple days ago on GBATemp, and thought you guys might find it useful.
1. Copy the "4xxxxxx" folder from the 3DS TWL nand to the DSi nand (in the 300004 folder, i could be off a couple zeroes), delete the 0000000.tmd file and cmd folder. Make sure you copy over both the "content" and "data" folders
2. Look up the title ID in that giant TMD archive, cut off the end so HxD says the length is 208, save and rename to title.tmd
3. Look at offset 1E7 on the tmd, rename the .app's last digit to the last digit listed.
4. Decrypt any ticket in the ticket/300004 folder, change title ID to your injected app's title id, encrypt ticket and save. Note that I was able to install a few games that were never preloaded on a DSi by modifying the DSi Browser ticket, so it doesn't seem that there's a lot of verification going on there.

This is after downgrading the launcher to the 1.4.1 one so you may have to do that (it's downloadable using NUS downloader). I don't know what (if any) security features were added in newer versions.
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