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It's not anywhere near as simple as you think drwhojan and all emulators will take quite a while to implement these gimmicky features.

To put it into perspective it's not just DS emu to Webcam and back to DS's actually Catridge to DS Emu to Windows code (not neccessarily windows code, but something both the Webcam and Emu can understand) to Web Cam to Windows code to DS Emu and back to's going to take an immense amount of work......not to mention that many many of these features are based around the portability of your DSi....whilst perhaps not terribly cumbersome a Webcam is a lot more ungainly to use than just walking around with a DSi and may not work cuz you can't go and photograph something in your garden or far away from your property with your webcam....just things really close to your PC...
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