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DSemu will eventually be a Nintendo DS but it is still very early in its development. It cannot run any NDS (obviously since none are released :p), it cannot run GBA games, it can only run a few GBA demos. Here is what the author had to say (ill post some previous updates that werent mentionned also):

Tuesday, 26th October 2004
New version! That's right, DSemu is now at v0.0.1b; it's more an arbitrary change than anything. I have added multiple backgrounds into the Mode0 renderer, commented out some GPU detritus, and added some more ROMs in the archive. Do note however, that multiple backgrounds is currently untested.

Thursday, 21st October 2004
And it's happened again. I've had another bout of procrastinitis, and no work has been done on the emu. I have been thinking about possible ways to do multiple backgrounds with priority though, and I think (with a little help from some friends) I may have cracked it. I'll probably start coding it in a few weeks.

Friday, 15th October 2004
There's a rather strange result on Google if you search for 'dsemu'. Specifically, a site claiming to be "the first NDS emulation site", and holding DSemu as their own. No names are mentioned on the site, but they _are_ hosting a GBA emulator, not a DS one.

I'm open to suggestions as to what to do about this. I could tell them that they don't have a DS emulator on their hands, or maybe provide a Cease And Desist. But it's BSD-licenced, so the latter could be an issue. Suggestions, please.

Thursday, 14th October 2004
I received a suggestion from ector that I should compare the registers from my ARM from a known good core (VBAs, in fact). From that, I found two bugs; LDRT/STRT weren't reading the [user|system]-mode registers in system mode, and also the data-processing shifter wasn't setting the carry flag. Fixing those allows wstein to run; you can see a screenshot in the proper section.

Slight problem though; fontdisp no longer scrolls the font display on keypress. I couldn't tell you what's wrong, since I don't know, and a compare with VBA doesn't tell me.

Sunday, 10th October 2004
So I knuckled down and rewrote LDR/STR today. However! I don't seem to have got it fully right, since a good proportion of demos refuse to provide screen output. So take this as a warning: the latest zip release doesn't run quite a few ROMs that it did before.
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Hmmm that's pretty cool :)
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