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0.4.5 has the following fixes from 0.4.4:

* IPCSYNC register has been partially implemented. It works except for interrupt support. This allows the E3 commercial download demos to boot a bit further along. Unfortunately they don't actually run yet.

* Extra logging added to CP15 functions to show where memory regions were assigned and with what protections.

* Lots of ARM9 instruction fixes which allowed DSLinux to finally boot. It fails mounting the root partition but is much further along than previous versions.

* Re-enabled some optimisations that were left disabled in 0.4.4.

* Partial implementation of extended rotation backgrounds. Those demo's using mode 5 should start to work now. No support for scaling, rotating or shearing yet though.

* Implemented scrolling for extended rotation backgrounds.

* Added SWI 0xFF for debugging purposes. Calling this SWI with R0 set to a null terminated string will print that string to the log file. Modelled after the functionality in Dualis. Note that SWI 0xFF crashes on hardware.
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oh took me this long to figure out my news checker has not been working this whole time :p

so time to find another one....(darn, I wish there was an extension for thunderbird to check for HTTP site changes :( )
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