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Hi, i got DScaler 4.1.15

I've hooked up my PS2 to my Not so flashy Video Card Zoltrix Genie TV. Also i have normal RGB cabel for PS2 and a regular Y-Connector.

Also i have an CRT Monitor, 1.7 GHZ Pentium 4, 768 ram, Nvidia FX 5500 128bit/265MB.

My Screen size is 1024x768 32bit (75hz).

These are the Configuration im using on DScaler now for PS2 Gaming.

pixel width: 768

gamma filter:

gamma =960
white level =190

i left the sharpness as it was

noise reduction filter:

noise reduction = 38
Stability = -46

Deinterlance: Video greedy (High Motion)

Different games require different Video Formats this one Soul Calibur 3 has an Option 50hz/60hz PAL. So my Video Format for this game was PAL

Durning playing i notice the scan lines a bit but not as much as on snapshot.
Also i dont get any lag durning playing.
I whould appreciate if anyone that has some tips or configurations for DScaler so i whould get better image quality on DScaler. I know that if i had an S-Video Cabel for PS2 i probobly whould get better quality but i cant get it atm.

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