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DS The Chronicles of Narnia CRAP GAME ALERT!

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>> Possible crappy game alert! Beware of fancy titles...<<<

I am unsure if the other planned game releases for all the other consoles look as bad as this one, but in the official demo released by Nintendo Magazine, the game showed seemingly endless fighting and not much else. It seems 98% of the video demo your being attacked by wolves in various areas of the game?..... oO HUH?! Why wolves? oO One of the most overly used "monsters" in the RPG gaming world? :rolleyes: Can someone explain to me why they dont have the creativity to make better more sensible bad guys? They probably thought, "Hey! we need bad guys but there are almost NO people in Narnia. So we need dark fantasy creatures and bad animals. Lets use the wolf! Thats a perfect and easy bad guy to make! People love killing them! We'll spread them all over the land and use them like cannon fodder! Children will feel powerful watching them fall and die and see fields littered with their bodies!..." Yeah... Sure... Right... Everyone I know who saw that video went aww with sadness when they saw wolves being slaughtered by children... I think we should have a poll to see if indeed the gaming world should use the "wolf monster" used so heavily by RPG games yet again. Oh and I suppose the wolves will be eating old ladies next and sporting dressess too? Am I the only one who is sickened by this video? Yes there ARE other monsters in the video and in the game but the wolf bothers me the most as I never recall reading of them in any of the books of the series. They must have attained rights to publish it only to realize the children are mostly on the run with almost no "moble" bad guys are chasing them throughout the whole series. The Witch is mainly the only one after the children. The only real bad guys other than the Witch are a number of other worldly fantasy creatures who were at the stone in the old series. THOSE should have been bad guys. And of course some bad trees here and there. But trees dont travel in Narnia... Maybe they should rename it to "Endless (Boring) Fights with little relation to the Story or Film". I really dont see the connection with the film or book with its "all fighting" format. The fact that Film to Game translations are often lackluster, this could be another failure...
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Though I think you might've exaggerated it a bit I was expecting the game following the movie to more or less just be a plea for more cash before the series dies. Though honestly, few games made along side the movies are of good quality.

I enjoyed the books, they were actually written by a good friend of Tolkien. Can't remember his name off hand for some reason. The guy was an athiest untill he went to the holyland, came back and Christian. Then wrote the Chronicles of Narnia, which although have nothing to do with the Bible have some slight references, but if you looked hard enough so did Tolkien :).
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