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Drivers for A7n8x-x

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I installed those that came with the cd.
What are the best for this mobo?
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check with the manufacturer and use the latest from them
i use the ones from, just get the latest Nforce drivers. that's all you'll need.
K, but now what should i get?
There 3 options:
Audio driver package
Unified driver
NVIDIA system utility
Unified Drivers is what you are looking for.
the Unified driver contains the Audio driver package so you don't need the Audio driver package and the NVIDIA system utility is only needed if you want to overclock it
k ,thanks guys!
And wha about BIOS?
My MOBO came with version 1010. Should i upgrade it?
If you are ready to risk it sure, if you mess it up you will end up with a useless Mobo
If it works fine, don't upgrade BIOS (but I do anyway :???: )
there's no reason to upgrade your BIOS unless something major comes along. i upgraded my BIOS because i thought it might help me with a more stable didnt do crap ;) just check the changelist that ASUS lists, and see if any of them pertain to you.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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